Who We Are

The idea behind starting this trading company took shape thanks to the perfect combination of passion and competencies of its founders who are a group of multitalented and experienced international business experts, engineers, and lawyers. The main focus of the company is to carry out import and export business between European countries and the countries of the Middle East.

Our Company is committed to employing top, experienced experts and international business lawyers to not only provide its clients with a reliable service, but also enter into international, win-win agreements with full vision to deliver all parties successful and transparent contracts.

Our Mission

In recent years, international trade plays an increasingly important role in improving the living standards of people as well as enabling them to enjoy a greater variety of goods and services. On the one hand, many businesses need to access affordable and high-quality equipment that is not available domestically.

On the other hand, in this complex and dynamic market, internationalization is an inevitable requirement for small- and medium-sized companies to grow and expand their market. In this regard, our company has been established to support companies’ import and export needs and assist them to meet their business goals.

What We Do

We are a multipurpose trading company which supports its clients in importing and exporting goods through offering different services aiming to either supply our customers with an extensive range of superior goods and equipment from leading brands or expand their markets. Hence, whether you are specialists who need to equip your workplace with cutting-edge technologies and tools, or you are manufacturers who intend to sell their products in foreign markets, we are here to help you.

Our specialty lies in supplying professionals with medical, laboratory, and dental equipment as well as machinery of all types along with their equipment and spare parts. However, having powerful networks and partners, Commercielo also has a hand in some other industries including the petrochemical industry, food industry, etc.

We’re Hiring, Join Our Talent Team

We always welcome talented, friendly, and energetic people from all over the world to join our team at Commercielo. Therefore, we cordially invite you to share your Résumé with us. Feel free to contact us for more information.